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7 Steps to Build a Better Brand

Say you’re standing in the elevator with a prospective client who says, “I’ve heard of you guys. Tell me about your agency.” There’s your only chance to describe what makes your company interesting, compelling and different. Instead, you say, “We’re a full-service integrated marketing communications firm serving a wide variety of clients.”

You’ve just missed an opportunity. Keep reading for avoiding situations like this.

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Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011

Steven Paul Jobs, 56, died Wednesday at his home with his family. The co-founder and, until last August, CEO of Apple Inc was the most celebrated person in technology and business on the planet. No one will take issue with the official Apple statement that “The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.”

It had taken a while for the world to realize how valuable Steve Jobs was. But Jobs knew it all along. That was part of what was so unusual about him. From at least the time he was a teenager, Jobs had a freakish chutzpah. At age 13, he called  the head of HP and tricked him into giving  free computer chips. It was part of a lifelong pattern of setting and fulfilling astronomical standards. Throughout his career, he was fearless in his demands. He kicked aside the hoops that everyone else had to negotiate and straightforwardly and brazenly pursued what he wanted. When he got what he wanted — something that occurred with astonishing frequency — he accepted it as his birthright.

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Future of the book for IDEO

This video is a design exploration of digital reading that seeks to identify new opportunities for audiences, designers, and authors to discover, consume, and connect in different formats.

As more digital information is being consumed, IDEO designers wondered why we continue to discover the old analog, page-turning model.  What happens when the reading experience catches up with new technologies?

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Online experience from printed material?

The demand for online content leaves webmasters constantly looking for ways to incorporate print material into their sites. The most difficult way to grab printed content is via photography or scanner. The easy way to acquire content is to obtain the original digital files used to produce the printed materials. Another option is to let users do the work, by collecting contributor content in an online database. Observe copyright laws for all online and hard copy content

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Are printed textbooks obsolete?

Are there good reasons to keep them around or is it necessary to get involved with digital environments? A TED conversation.

What are the pros and cons of paper vs. digital resources for learning? Assuming equal access to computers, is digital necessarily better? Will we be losing anything if we give up the hard copies? Should schools (and textbook companies) focus their resources on creating and using rich digital environments that support 21st century learning?

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In programming terms, the printBalance() command is a virtual function that ensures that the correct function is called for an object, regardless of the expression used to make the function call. Just like the physical function every type on paper has since their very birth.