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Coexistence of Print and Digital

“The peaceful coexistence of print and digital media” is a compilation of notes from the 2006 Fisher Forum: “Book Arts, Culture, and Media in Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia: From Print to Digital”
In the following topics you can find the main issues concerning the managing of digital resouces by the University of Michigan regarding digitalization and print. 
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Doodle: The Newest Trend in Art

We all have doodled while waiting through a tedious recording on the phone, or in a long meeting. It’s possible we’ve covered pages of our notebooks in indecipherable scratchs and designs, and then looked back to wonder what we must have been thinking, or not thinking about — at the time. Turns out, you’ve been participating in what is called now Zen doodling.

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Online experience from printed material?

The demand for online content leaves webmasters constantly looking for ways to incorporate print material into their sites. The most difficult way to grab printed content is via photography or scanner. The easy way to acquire content is to obtain the original digital files used to produce the printed materials. Another option is to let users do the work, by collecting contributor content in an online database. Observe copyright laws for all online and hard copy content

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